American Voters Like A President With Hair

George Washington, Father of our Country, First President, National Hair Centers

George Washington powdered and curled his real hair.

The U. S. has historically been resistant to the idea of a bald president.  In fact, in our tenure as a sovereign democracy, we have only elected five brave souls that have been follicularly challenged.  Americans haven’t voted a bald man (or woman for that matter!)  into office in 51 years when Dwight Eisenhower won a second term over Adlai Stevenson.  That a full head of hair denotes strength and ability dates back to stories of Samson in the temple; with strength and ability, qualities looked for in an American leader.

While maintaining a healthy and attractive head of hair may seem frivolous in the scheme of a presidential campaign, if it helps secure votes in our appearance-based society, perhaps some extra primping in front of the mirror won’t hurt.

Think about it: John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and even both Bushes boast stunning heads of hair for which they can thank the genetic lottery. And who can forget John Edwards’ $400 haircut that shook the nation? Hair and politics have long been linked.

Does Hair Make the Man (or Woman?)

While there is no proven correlation between having hair and perceived competency in the oval office, (Source Yahoo Beauty 2016) Dr. Kenneth Anderson brings up studies in the 1990s performed about first impressions.  “The studies proved that we as a society think differently about people with hair loss as compared to those without,” he says. “We feel people with hair loss have less money, a less desirable job, are less trustworthy, and generally possess fewer of the qualities that attract us to other people,” he adds.

Hair is so important to a person’s look and the impression they make, we have not elected a president with significant hair loss since Eisenhower, shortly after which television became widespread.  Anderson notes, “The days of a President of the United States of America with hair loss were over the same day Americans could see their candidate on-screen during the Kennedy-Nixon television debates.”

The 2016 Election

Donald Trump, Presidential Candidate 2016, National Hair Center, full head of hair denotes strengthSo what to make of Donald Trump’s unruly head of hair?  Various reports in the media state that Trump had a surgical hair procedure “sometime in the past.” Trump insists his comb-over is “100% real.” Does it even matter?  Real or not, it’s more than a full head of hair.

And of course, Hillary Clinton (obviously) has hair; perfectly coifed.Hillary Clinton, National Hair Centers, Presidential Candidate 2016, full head of hair denotes strength

The dramas surrounding this year’s campaign have sometimes obscured an underlying reality of 2016: Trump and Clinton are running for the same job, but they are talking to and being sustained by two different Americas.  But since they both have full heads of hair, it doesn’t look like the next leader of the free world will be a bald one.

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