Clients’ Bill of Rights

National Hair Centers is committed to respecting, protecting and honoring the clients’ rights. We are dedicated to providing competent services in a fair, equitable and sensitive manner. Furthermore, we believe that the client should be fully involved in all aspects of the solution in order to increase the likelihood of achieving the best results. We are committed to adhering to all the principles stated in the body of the Clients’ Bill of Rights.

The client seeking treatment for hair loss
has the right:

  • To be treated with compassion, consideration, and respect.
  • To expect professional service to be provided by competent staff.
  • To expect an appropriate solution that addresses the client’s condition.
  • To understand all costs associated with the treatment.
  • To fully understand all aspects of the treatment plan and procedure.
  • To expect complete confidentiality without the risk that private information will not be released or shared without written consent.
  • To expect an atmosphere of complete privacy while at the service location.
  • To expect prompt and efficient resolution of concerns or grievances.