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The Evolution of Medical Adhesives

The biggest change in the hair loss industry over the last 20 years is the technology of medical adhesives. This has made all the difference – making the hair systems more “permanent” and easier to manage than in the past.

Medical Adhesives, National Hair Centers, Hair System Bonding Methods, Phoenix, AZ Medical Adhesives

The method of attachment will usually depend on what type of hair and hair system is manufactured for the client. However, there are other factors which may affect the type of adhesive used such as the chemistry of the client’s scalp or even the climate they live in.

Your hair technician will have the training and experience to make this judgment call and work with you to make the best decision. In many cases, the choices aren’t obvious and can change based on personal experience with your hair system for the first time.

Let’s look at the different types of adhesives and bonding methods.

Hair System Bonding Methods

Though there are many different types of attachment methods the two most common are the polyseal or perimeter bonds and the CTR or full head bonding methods.

Polyseal/Perimeter Bond. A perimeter bond or polyseal involves adhering only the outer edge of the hair system to the scalp after shaving what is commonly referred to as the “track line” and is recommended for best results. A hair system can be attached over hair using this method if the client prefers but will not typically give the best result. This method is used for both male and female hair systems.

Full Head Bond/CTR. A full head bond or CTR involves adhering the hair system to the whole balding area and can also involve shaving some hair in order to allow the hair system to contour to the scalp for best fit and comfort. This method can also be used for both male and female hair system but is predominantly used on males because of the amount of hair loss experienced and cannot be used for attachment over hair.

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Knowing the adhesive mechanism behind your hair system is one of several pieces to make an informed decision. Visit our blog often for more articles related to this subject. We always advise potential clients to be as knowledgeable as possible in order to make an informed decision about their hair replacement options.

If you’re interested in getting more information immediately, click here to arrange a talk with one of our Image Consultants in a safe, caring environment. We’ll answer not only those questions you have but also many other questions you haven’t even thought of.

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