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FUE – Hair Plugs are a Thing of the Past!

The most advanced form of hair transplantation, FUE is changing the way society views hair restoration surgery. When hair transplants were first introduced, surgeon’s transplanted large section of donor tissue also known as “hair plugs.” In many cases these oversized transplants were visible to the naked eye, leading many to associate a stigma with the hair transplantation process. There is good news for hair loss suffers, however: advances in modern hair restoration techniques have revolutionized the way specialists approach hair transplant procedures. Gone are the days of the hair plug! Patients are now enjoying incredibly natural results.

FUE Procedure

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most advanced and involved form of hair transplantation performed. During a Follicular Unit Extraction, individual hair follicles, typically containing 1 – 4 hairs, are harvested from the donor area of the scalp. The donor area is generally at the back or sides of the scalp, depending on the look and feel of the patient’s hair. Once excised, the donor tissue is prepped and transplanted into the recipient area. Each transplant is placed ever so carefully to mirror the growth pattern of the patient’s natural hair. In the end, the patient enjoys incredibly natural looking results making it difficult even for those closest to them to recognize the difference between their naturally growing and transplanted hair.

If you or a loved one are considering hair transplantation but fear the results will be evident, the FUE is your answer. Follicular Unit Extraction generally has a quicker patient recovery time and significantly lower post-operative discomfort. At National Hair Centers we operate the world’s largest and most advanced hair restoration clinic of its kind. We pride ourselves in offering the very latest methods in hair transplantation, including the follicular unit extraction.

Are you a Candidate for FUE?

If you answer yes to any of the following we urge you to take action:

  • Do you spend hours styling or teasing to mask your thinning hair?
  • Are you self-conscious about your thinning or balding hair?
  • Did you have trouble healing following a previous FUT?
  • Do you lack enough scalp elasticity for an FUT?
  • Do you need to return to an active lifestyle very soon after completing your hair transplant procedure?

If you’re ready to begin your journey to hair restoration we encourage you to contact us today!

Are you interested in learning more about our surgical and non-surgical Phoenix hair restoration services? If so, we encourage you to follow our blog. Learn about the latest advances in our industry and how you can increase the look and feel of your natural hair.

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