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What is Making My Hair Fall Out? A Female Perspective

See Thru Is Not Always Sexy

When you hear the words “see thru”, something sexy from Victoria’s Secret may come to mind but when it’s your hair that you can “see thru” to your scalp, then you feel anything but sexy!

What Makes Your Hair Fall Out?

Women with Thinning Hair, National Hair CentersWomen often ask “what makes your hair fall out?” There are medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, lupus, gluten sensitivities and much more. However, other often overlooked causes may be medications, stress, and even a genetic predisposition. Unfortunately, even in our advanced, modern society, the causes are poorly understood and badly diagnosed. Doctors often can only provide an educated guess and offer few ideas if it can be stopped or possibly reversed.

One of our clients was diagnosed as perimenopausal and knew about the hot flashes, not being able to sleep and all the other symptoms associated with the condition. Since she had already been experiencing these things her doctor simply confirmed what she had. Nobody, however, including her doctor, said anything about losing her hair being part of the deal! She started to see thru to her scalp around 40 years old and it just seemed to be a condition that came out of nowhere. It was a life situation she wasn’t remotely prepared to deal with since she literally used to complain about having “too much” hair.

No Easy Answers

She ran the “doctors’ gauntlet” for a few years trying to find someone to provide a cure or tell her what to take or do to get her hair back, but to no avail. At a yearly checkup appointment after hearing her complain once again about her hair, the doctor offhandedly said: “you know they do have hair pieces for women”. Though offended at the thought, with medical options exhausted, she decided to do some investigation.

Why Not a Hairpiece?

Her research, lead her to us (a place she thought only men would go to). We shared the reality of the situation that like the doctors, we could not tell her why she was losing her hair. However what we could do was make her look like she did before she started to lose her hair. She now wears a permanently attached hair piece (known as a “hair system” in the industry). It’s so well done that nobody can tell and she has her self-esteem back along with her hair.

She is still diligent trying to keep herself as healthy as possible as her body changes but having her hair back makes it so much easier and yes… she has even visited the local Victoria’s Secret recently!

Hair Loss Research

If you’re a woman suffering from hair loss regardless of the cause recognize yourself in this client’s story, start your research TODAY and get the real answers about hair loss solutions in a safe, caring, non-pressure environment. Don’t wait… contact us Now!

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