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My hair is thinning but it doesn’t really bother me… or does it?

Thinning Hair, Hair Loss, Bald, Before and After, National Hair Centers, Phoenix, Arizona

Sean, Non-Surgical Hair replacement System, Before and After

I was at work one day and with a gleam in his eye, one of my older and of course bald fellow employees felt the need to tell me that I had a small bald spot beginning on the crown of my head. For me personally, that was rather devastating news and it seemed to me that with every hair I saw in the drain or on my pillow went just a little more of my confidence. I wasn’t completely shocked since my uncles and grandfather on my mom’s side had male pattern baldness as well as my aunt and grandmother having endured a female pattern hair loss. The inevitable was coming and in the near future, I knew I would be a bald man. Did this thought bother me? Yes, it absolutely did!!

At the same time, one of my good friends Rick, who happened to be a professional baseball player in the Cubs organization, was dealing with the same hair loss issue as me. His reaction was much different than mine at least on the surface. He acknowledged his hair loss to me one day but said it didn’t bother him at all. I never saw him without a baseball hat on except when we would get together for an occasional game of one on one basketball. Our games were pretty intense and I would always accidentally knock his cap off, so he always removed it before we started. I really admired his stance on going bald and secretly wished I could have that much confidence.

Many years later as I look back at how Rick seemingly successfully handled his thinning hair “non-issue”, I realize that he actually never did go anywhere without his hat. He always had excuses for not being able to go to places or events that would require him to leave his hat at home. Weddings or night clubs with dress codes were never on his agenda. So, did his hair loss actually bother him?

Thinning Hair, Transplant, Before and After, Bald, National Hair Centers, Phoenix, Arizona

Gene, Surgical Hair Transplant, Before and After

Flash forward 30 years later. I now own a hair replacement company and wear a state of the art hair system and I am partnered with Gene who has had state of the art FUE hair transplants. We both meet with men and women on a daily basis and many or most have the same “why me” mindset I had when I realized I was losing my hair. I also get those that say “I am only here because my wife or husband insisted I come as my hair loss doesn’t really bother me” or the guy who drove 200 miles and says “I am just minimally curious as my hair loss is not that big a thing”. Really?

The truth is that nobody wants to experience thinning hair or balding and yes, some cope with it better than others… or at least seemingly do (like Rick). In a nutshell there are many guys out there that look good bald and perhaps even a few gals but if you are not one of them, consult an expert and then select your right option and jump on the technology bandwagon (hair transplant, low light laser therapy, non-surgical hair systems) and keep or get your hair back. National Hair Centers has it all!!! Go, to weddings, reunions, places with dress codes or anywhere else you want, with your hair back and your confidence intact.

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