The Capillus 272 Laser Hair Therapy Cap: Laser Hair Therapy for Your Active Life

The Capillus 272 Portable Laser Hair Therapy Cap: Laser Hair Therapy for Your Active Life
At National Hair Centers we have been offering hair restoration services in Phoenix Arizona for nearly 4 decades. During that time we’ve seen products and technologies come and go but perhaps one of the most exciting developments we’ve seen in recent history is the Capillus 272. Not only does it deliver highly effective laser hair therapy, we truly believe it has staying power even in an industry in which few products stand the test of time.

Why Laser Hair Therapy?
Before we can explain just how effective and convenient the Capillus 272 Cap is, we must first delve into the benefits of laser hair therapy. Laser hair therapy is a leading-edge form of hair restoration. During a session, Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) is delivered directly to the scalp tissue. Also known as “cool” lasers, low-level lasers stimulate blood flow to the scalp without causing any pain or discomfort. The increased blood flow works to stimulate cell regeneration which yields thicker, healthier, fuller hair. LLLT works to not only strengthen and fortify existing hair but it stops the progression of hair loss and grows healthier hair.

The Capillus 272 Portable Laser Hair Therapy Cap
Now that we’ve outlined the benefits of laser hair therapy, it’s time to take a closer look at the Capillus 272. The Capillus 272 Cap is complete with a sleek design which can be worn under your favorite hat for the ultimate level of discretion. Powered by a rechargeable battery pack, you can undergo LLLT from virtually anywhere. Wear your Capillus 272 around the house or while you’re out and about.  It only takes 20-30 minutes every other day.
While […]

Hair Transplants & Laser Hair Therapy; the Ultimate Hair Restoration Solution

Hair Transplants & Laser Hair Therapy; the Ultimate Hair Restoration Solution
At National Hair Centers we often hear from hair loss sufferers who are seeking laser hair therapy or hair transplantation, many of whom are surprised to learn that these two highly effective therapies actually work hand-in-hand. While both are proven to deliver incredible results when used independently, the combination of these two leading-edge therapies can be remarkable.

Hair Transplantation + Laser Hair Therapy
While hair transplantation is a permanent hair restoration solution, the results vary from person to person. Those who seek treatment at the first sign of hair loss often experience better results than those who wait until their hair loss has advanced. In addition, hair loss in the untreated areas can continue to advance. This is precisely why today’s leading hair restoration specialists are recommending a treatment regime which consists of both hair transplantation and laser hair therapy.

Why Laser Hair Therapy?
Laser hair therapy is a highly advanced yet painless treatment method which delivers low-level laser therapy directly to the impacted areas of the scalp. These “cold” lasers stimulate blood flow and cell regeneration which not only leads to hair regrowth but speed up the healing process. Laser hair therapy is therefore the ideal treatment method for those who have undergone hair transplantation. Regular treatments help to maintain the health and integrity of the patient’s naturally growing hair and reduce scaring during the healing process.
Not only do specialists often recommend laser hair therapy in the weeks following a hair transplantation but they typically recommend continued treatment. Imagine having the ability to strengthen your existing hair follicles and to regrow the hair you thought was lost forever. With this highly effective combination of treatment methods –you […]

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The Ever Changing Landscape of Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy is one of the most effective and widely used forms of non-surgical hair restoration techniques on the market today. Proven to stop hair loss and stimulate regrowth, this revolutionary technology is changing the way specialists approach hair restoration.

The History of Laser Hair Therapy

The benefits of laser hair therapy were actually discovered by chance. In 1964 professor Andre Mester first began researching the effects of low level lasers on wounded mice, at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary. The research did in fact reveal the healing powers of LLLT in addition to another discovery; laser therapy stimulated rapid hair growth in Mester’s subjects. This revolutionary study was the precursor for a wide variety of modern medical breakthroughs. Today low level laser therapy is used to stimulate wound healing, treat acute and chronic pain, relieve arthritis pain, combat hair loss and more.

Laser Hair Therapy Today

Though Mester first discovered the hair restoration benefits of low level laser therapy in 1964, it was not approved for use in the United States until recently. Today LLLT is delivered through both in-office and at-home laser hair therapy devices.

The LLLT Office Dome

The office dome LLLT device delivers laser therapy evenly and efficiently directly to the affected areas of the scalp.  Patients undergo regular in-office dome treatments to stop hair loss and stimulate growth.

The Capillus272

The Capillus272 is a sleek and portable laser hair therapy system for use at home. Patients who undergo LLLT, with the Capillus laser cap, enjoy the flexibility of laser hair treatments at home or on the go.

As laser hair therapy continues to advance, new LLLT products are hitting the market regularly. At National Hair Centers we work with the innovators behind this technology to bring our […]

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Is There a Right Time to Have a Hair Transplant?

Is It Hair Transplant Time?
I was reading a hair loss forum post the other day and the question was posed – “when is the ideal time to get a hair transplant?” I know that if 1 person posted such a question, there are likely thousands who have the same question. Since a lot of what we do at National Hair Centers, on the forefront of the hair loss industry, is to educate and inform, this was a great opportunity to address the question at hand.
The answer like in many businesses is… it depends.
The time is different for everybody but the key question is when is the right time for YOU? Most people don’t wake up in the morning and decide to have transplant surgery. Everyone has a breaking point

It depends on several factors which we’ll address here:
– your existing state of hair loss
– your age
– the robustness of the harvest site
– your expectations

Measuring Baldness
There actually is a system for measuring the amount of baldness one is experiencing and it is called the Hamilton Norwood Scale. This is a visual depiction of various stages of hair loss which anyone would recognize and almost every client will see themselves in one of these pictures. Each of the visual depictions has a level associated with it… level I, level II, level IIa, etc. and the higher the level the greater the degree of hair loss.

Existing State of Hair Loss
Family history is a major factor in your existing state of hair loss. If there is extensive hair loss in your family tree, it increases substantially the likelihood that you will suffer some hair loss also. Stability of hair loss, meaning that if your hair loss has plateaued or […]

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Who to Talk to About Hair Loss

It’s Not Like Buying Tires!
During the normal purchase process the connection between a need and potential providers to fulfill that need are obvious. Need new tires? At least 3 major companies likely enter your mind instantly. Need a new TV? There is no shortage of stores to shop. But if you’re suffering from obvious signs of hair loss the place to start may not be so clear.
When it is something very personal and emotional as losing your hair, you may not be so willing to share your hair loss story with others who can help you? Since most consumers know very little about hair replacement before experiencing a hair loss problem, picking a company that will satisfy your needs isn’t easy when you may not even know who they are?

Gathering Hair Restoration Information
Since most people want to keep their hair loss issue private… where does one start? Do I need to explore hair loss help forums online? Do I need to find a doc who knows about hair loss? Is there a hair institute who can provide me with the answers? The answer is that it is likely a combination of all of the above. The topics for hair loss are many so the best place to start is with research and education.

Answering Hair Loss Questions
Hair clinics come in many shapes and sizes. As in any industry there are advantages and disadvantages of each. It is best to do some research ahead of time rather than just showing up at the door steps of a hair replacement company hoping they’ll give you all the hair restoration information you need. So we offer here some of the top questions you should have answered before taking action on […]