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Why do men go bald? Here is a closer look

Without a doubt, most men suffering from any form of hair loss would like proper baldness treatment for their condition. A recent study points out that 60% of hair loss sufferers are willing to invest money on effective hair loss treatment for men and 45% would rather spend their life savings on men’s hair replacement services. But why do men go bald and look for hair loss treatment for men in the first place? We will take a closer look at the three most common factors that lead men to seek baldness treatment.

If you find yourself suddenly seeking hair loss treatment for men, there is a good chance that your gene pool plays a big factor. The majority of baldness treatment doctors would argue that thinning hair is almost always brought about by genetic factors. The hair follicles sitting on top of our heads follow a DNA blueprint that decides whether you will need baldness treatment in the future or not. If both your mom and dad have this specific DNA, then you might be getting men’s hair replacement services at some point in your life.

Age and hormones
Age and hair growth are normally inversely proportional to each other: as people get older, they grow less hair, which is why baldness treatment is usually reserved for older men. Some of us, however, just lose hair faster than others. If you have higher levels of testosterone, then you are also more likely to seek hair loss treatment in the near future.

Lifestyle will also play a key role in whether or not you will be getting baldness treatment in the near future. If you are a heavy smoker and drinker, then you might be contacting a men’s hair replacement some time in your life. Toxins found in cigarettes and alcohol can affect your body’s natural capacity to produce hair on a normal level, which explains why a number of those looking for hair loss treatment is engaged in excessive smoking and drinking.

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