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By Chris Merrill
Radio Personality, KFYI
Phoenix, AZ

Finally!  It’s been seven months since my surgery and I can really see the hair transplant results starting to take shape.  Along with my hair transplant procedures, I’m utilizing laser hair growth therapy. You need to know about this!  It could make a huge difference for you and your hair loss.

Cool laser light on the scalp can stop hair loss and re-grow healthy hair by stimulating the hair follicles.  It grows healthier hair and prevents additional hair loss.

It sounds like magic…only it’s not!

It’s proven medical science, with home laser devices that are FDA cleared for safety and effectiveness.  I’m using Laser Hair Growth Therapy as part of my own hair loss treatment.

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The program is physician supervised, and YES, it really works!  I’m living proof.  Call National Hair Centers for a FREE consultation.

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