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“Well, I’ve Done It….

I Had a Hair Transplant Procedure at National Hair Centers.”

Chris Merrill
Radio Personality, KFYI

By Chris Merrill
Radio Personality, KFYI
Phoenix, AZ

What an awesome experience! It seems like I’ve been obsessing about my hair loss for…forever. And, then in just one day, I’ve completely solved my hair loss challenges. All thanks to National Hair Centers and their experienced surgical team. There was virtually no pain and I was awake the entire session. I actually watched football on television for most of the procedure. There was no “downtime” after the procedure either. I didn’t miss a single day on the air.

My newly transplanted hair will be growing in during the upcoming months and when it does I will be sure to share with you my “after” pictures here on this web page. It’s all pretty exciting.

If you’re unhappy with your hair loss, do what I did….Call National Hair Centers for a free consultation. It’s the best way to explore what hair loss options are best for you. In addition, National Hair Centers will perform a Doctor’s Hair and Scalp Exam and Analysis. It’s a $250.00 value and it’s yours free.

Call National Hair Centers at (602) 230-0000 or take a moment and fill out the form above.

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