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They Will Never Know

A few years back I remember seeing a story on the news that the fast-food restaurant Subway was being called to the carpet for using an ingredient commonly used for making yoga mats, in their bread!! So, the recipe would perhaps call for flour, yeast, shortening, water and of course URETHANE? Once this news got out and with the resultant public backlash, Subway immediately reacted by removing this extremely questionable ingredient from their bread. The question one would ask is why would they even risk using this ingredient in the first place? The answer is easy: to save money and increase profits. Couple this with the idea that what the consumer doesn’t know won’t hurt them (or not?) you can perhaps understand why Subway and other food industry companies make these profit driven decisions. Well, guess what, the food industry is not the only industry that will substitute one ingredient in the place of another in order to gain more profit. In the hair replacement industry, we have seen exactly the same type of activity for the same bottom line reasons.

National Hair Centers Knows and Cares

Hair, Select Color and Texture, National Hair Centers,  hair replacement system, Brown, Grey, Blond, Black, Phoenix, AZNational Hair Centers has been in the hair replacement business since 1975 and for the most part, have dealt with primarily human hair systems with a caveat for synthetic gray hair. We have always offered the highest quality of hair in the business and will continue to do so. There are many different types of hair such as Indian hair, China hair, European hair, synthetic hair and even Yak or Horse hair and they all have their uses, applications, price points and more importantly, expectations. Now, with the highly increased popularity of human hair extensions coupled with the growing women’s hair replacement market, the demand for quality hair is at an all-time high. With that said, I have seen and experienced an interesting phenomenon. While none of my hair vendors are putting products used to make yoga mats in the hair, many are substituting with less than quality hair, synthetic hair, and even yak or horse hair in place of what we are truly ordering and paying for. On more occasions than I would like to admit, I have ordered European hair and received a hair system back that was anything and everything but European hair and had to send it back. This is very disillusioning to everyone involved from staff to client.

A few years back I called the owner of one of the largest hair vendors in the U.S. to complain about hair quality and lack of consistency. Not only about the hair from his company but about pretty much all of our hair vendors. He was known to be an extremely honest man and I had always felt like he would give me the straight scoop on anything I asked of him. He is and he didJ He told me that even though he owned his company, the work was done overseas and that in reality because he did not “have boots on the ground” he could not guarantee that any hair ordered thru his company (or any other that he knew of) would not be compromised (to increase profits) in the ways mentioned above. While I understood his explanation it didn’t mean I had to like what I heard and Lord knows my clients certainly didn’t want to hear that considering the money they were investing!!

National Hair Centers Found a Solution

I then went on a search to find an alternative and though it took me a couple of years, found HairArt and Jackie Yu. Oddly enough, this is a man I was already familiar with since he is a highly regarded member of a trade association that National Hair Centers is part of. I knew Jackie but what I didn’t know is that he had an almost football arena-sized warehouse full of the world finest virgin European hair (and yes it really is European hair as seen with my own eyes). This warehouse is located right here in the good ol’ USA (Gardena, California) where he “does have boots on the ground” and often times the person wearing those said “ boots” is actually him!! With that said, let me be clear in the fact that HairArt, once the orders are put together in Gardena, will then send them overseas to be manufactured. Admittedly, this is for cost reasons but is also for craftsmanship reasons as well. With this method, there is no way anything gets substituted into any hair order done thru HairArt since the factory workers only work with what is provided. If you order a European hair system, 100% of the hair system will be European hair. I know of no other hair providers who have this high of a level of quality control and assurance.

 hair replacement System, Mesh, National Hair Centers, Real Hair, Phoenix, AZ, HairArtThis is beginning to sound like a commercial for HairArt though it is not meant to. In actuality, it’s simply a true story about our continued goal to always be able to offer nothing but the best hair products available to the clients of National Hair Centers and the journey that led me to a company that can allow us to keep doing just that. I said earlier that National Hair Centers has always offered the highest quality of hair available and that is very true but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Just like for awhile there, when you ate a Tuna sandwich from Subway you didn’t know you were eating something that is not usually considered edible. I now know and because of this knowledge, proudly use HairArt as National Hair Centers primary hair vendor. Here is the other great thing about that…No other hair replacement company in Arizona can say that!!!

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