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Could your mental health be the reason for your hair loss?

Mental health plays a big role in hair loss.
stress and hair loss

If you ask a hair loss specialist whether or not your mental health could be the cause for your sudden hair loss, what do you think would be the answer? If ever you do go to a hair loss clinic and ask people who have undergone hair treatment this question, a few of them would surely say yes. More than one-third of people with anxiety issues undergo hair loss because of their anxiety and the stress that accompanies it.

Mental health and hair loss

A hair loss specialist would reveal that depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental conditions could lead to hair loss. Such mental conditions have the power to affect the quality of hair, making it dry and vulnerable to breaks and leaving people to seek a hair loss clinic and the best hair transplant available. The physiological states of depression such as poor mood and low self-esteem could also contribute to less hair growth.

Why anxiety can leave you searching for a hair loss clinic

Any competent hair loss specialist would say that stress is what connects anxiety and hair loss. A person seeking the best hair transplant could be someone undergoing a lot of stress from chronic anxiety.

Some of the common anxiety conditions that are related to hair loss include:

Alopecia areata - Unforeseen loss of large bundles of hair in the scalp area. Telogen effluvium - A condition characterized by abnormal loss of hair. Trichotillomania - A habitual condition caused by stress and anxiety where the person pulls out hair without even knowing it.

Reversing hair loss caused by mental conditions

Going to a hair loss clinic and undergoing the best hair transplant available is a sure fire way of dealing with your hair loss problems. Reducing stress and changing your lifestyle so you can avoid it is still an effective way to prevent hair loss from happening. If you see any positive changes after you made significant lifestyle changes, then you can save yourself a lot of time and money from having to undergo a hair transplant.and hair healthy.Contact the experts at National Hair Centers for more information about hair systems, we are happy to help!